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Sarbatorim un model de succes din gama Krone, BIG X

Spelle, 20 May 2020.

In urma cu 20 de ani, in 20 Mai 2020 prima tocatoare autopropulsata de la KRONE numita BiG X a iesit din fabrica Krone. The first test is performed at a speed of 40 km / h at 540 CP. The current program is deactivated at the instantaneous moment when it comes to a large number of options. EasyFlow is available for pick-up via EasyCollect, and can be used in the construction of the contractor for finalization. Characteristic of BiG X de acum 20 au ajuns a fi copiate si deti producatori cum ar fi: viteza de transport de 40 km / h si sistem complet hydrostatic la toate cele patru roti, motorul de 540 CP, cele sase role de comprimare, tambur de tocare with a diameter of 750 mm for lat 830 mm for 32 cuts in shape de V. Pana in the moment Krone and swing 5300 de Big X and in the moment Krone ofera opt the version different from the game incipand of BiG X 480 (490 Cp) similar to BiG X 1180 (1156 CP). In the last 20 years, Bione X can be used in many ways: AutoScan, AutoStop, biogas, ConstantPower, EasyLoad, cabina care equipment, OptiMaxx conditioner up to 305 mm in diameter, VariStream, VariQuick, VariLoc and XtraPower will present the latest agritechnica in 2019.